What is an Electronic Library

An Electronic Library is a set of documents available through electronic means by the use of digital technologies that allow for the retrieval, archiving, preservation and dissemination of those documents. It is a physical site and / or website that provides 24-hour online access to digitalized audio, video, and written materials.

2021-10-08 09:44:19

How do i borrow books?

To borrow books, sign in with your User ID, find the book you want to borrow, head on to the request book button, fill in the Roll No. of the book and your user ID. Once the request is submitted, the librarian fetches it and then you can get the book from the librarian.

2021-10-08 04:16:42

How does Tansi Library work?

Tansi library is an Electronic Library of Blessed Iwene Tansi Major Seminary, Onitsha. It gives you access to the books in the Library. Hence, you can search and request for books in the library.

2021-10-08 09:46:19

Can you download a softcopy format of the books?

Not all books in the library has its softcopy available. However, it is made easier by grouping them in the "E-book section. Hence, if you need a softcopy, head to the E-book section and you will have access to the books that have its softcopy available. But, this is only available to registered users.

2021-10-08 09:48:31